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from me?

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All of my work is made by me. I spend my time to make each design as the best yet.


By purchasing a design from me, you accept to the following terms of service.

-No refunds

-I have as much time as I need to finish your art.

-I have the right to refuse any work.

-If you are not satisfied with your design, I will tweak work to your liking. However if you want it completely redone, it will cost half the price you originally paid.

All of my pricing is different and can vary on the project. However, there is set in stone prices for certain items.

Payment methods that I accept are: Paypal, Bitcoin, Cashapp, Check & Cash (In person work)


Signature: $10

Thread Design: $15

Album cover:


Website Design:

Mockup: $10

Fully Designed Page: $30

(Multiple pages = Saving)

T-shirt Design:

These vary on the design but stock price is $25 (Bulk orders vary)

Social Media:

Twitter Header: $10

Twitch banner: $10

Discord server banner: $10

Instagram story page: $10

Snapcode: $10

Instagram Logo: $10

Any Profile Picture: $10


Poster: $10

Ad: $10

Shoutout page: $10

Brand reveal: $10


Playstation header: $10

Xbox gamer pic: $10

Twitch overlay: $15

Steam artwork: $10